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We’re super excited that you’re ready to make a Meme on the Basket of Adorables site, but before you start creating, you’ll want to go over the content agreement here.  For the short and quick of it, this agreement allows you to use whatever official TanTrump content that has been published on the Basket of Adorables site for the purposes of submitting it to this site specifically. That content still belongs to you, specifically the bits that aren’t already covered or provided in any of that official TanTrump material, and submitting your material gives us the right to use it. If we like what you submit to a ridiculous degree, we may reach out to you about utilizing it. 

The Content Agreement also covers submission guidelines, but for the most part keep it family friendly. No profanity, no nudity, no bigotry or harassment. In the words of some awesome dudes, “Be excellent to each other.”